Moe Dantes is BACK! And He’s Jispylicious!

For those who can’t or won’t watch/listen to the video, here’s the lowdown:

I have a sort of seasonal mood thing. During Spring and Fall is when I’m the most creative and inspired, but Summer and Winter absolutely murder my will to do much of anything. This past summer was especially bad due to constant power outages, like one every other week. Since I basically depend on electricity (even for things besides air conditioning) this summer was very depressing.

However, now Fall is coming and things are turning around. I’m hoping to start heading towards more creative pursuits. You see in the video’s thumbnail a self-image I drew of my cartoon avatar, Jispy Moe Dantes, and I hope to do more drawing, possibly even do some webcomics I’ve had ideas for.

So what’s the deal with returning to the abandoned blog “Jispylicious” when I had “EDM’s world?” Well, to make a long story short, I came to hate the name “Edmond Dantes” and also my contraction for it, “EDM.” In both cases it was because the name was not unique to me, and in the case of “EDM,” I didn’t know at the time that EDM was the name of a band and that people were mistakening me for something related to them. I always try to have a name that’s as unique as possible so that it can’t be mixed up with other things. “Jispylicious” and “Jispy Moe Dantes” are both unique. “Edmond Dantes” is not. Also, the original reason I had started Jispylicious was to be my publishing name for if I ever did books or webcomics, and since I’m returning to that focus it only makes sense to return to that name.

Don’t take that to mean that I’m done reviewing games or posting vlogs or rants or cat videos, however–my Youtube channel will be whatever I want it to be. About the only thing I won’t use my channel for is stuff I know Youtube itself will strike down if uploaded, and for anything at risk of that I’m looking into alternative upload sites. Zippcast no longer exists but there are still options.

So the word “Jispy.” My real initials are JSP, and the J stands for Jimmy.

Take Jimmy.
Cut off the mmy,
replace those with SP.
You get JiSP.

So what does “Jispy” mean? Since I invented the term, I’ll also invent the meaning, and what it means is bringing your A-game to everything. Now, due to my thing about seasonal mood disorder and other problems, I might not be able to keep a consistent schedule, but still I’m gonna stay Jispy and give it my best.

You guys stay Jispy too now, ya hear?


About Moe Dantes

Jispy Moe Dantes, man of adventure! Though unfortunately bad at keeping to schedules due to constant mood swings, at his best he's a very enthusiastic seeker of new things to learn and new challenges to overcome. He also talks a lot. His home base on the web is his Wordpress blog at
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